Antique Victorian 1800’s 3ct Natural Green Beryl Solitaire 10k Y Gold Ring 2.3g

Antique Victorian 1800’s 3ct Natural Green Beryl Solitaire 10k Y Gold Ring 2.3g



Antique Victorian 1800’s 3ct Natural Green Beryl Solitaire 10k Y Gold Ring 2.3g




10k Gold
Green Beryl

Antique Victorian 1800’s 3ct Natural Green Beryl Solitaire 10k Y Gold Ring 2.3g  This antique Victorian ring features a natural 3ct Green Beryl centerstone prong set on a beautifully designed bezel atop a beautiful 10k yellow gold mounting! This beautifully designed antique mount is circa 1800’s and the gem is newer-something old something new!!  There is some slight discoloration on the back of the band where it looks to have been tested.  Stamped 10k.



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